Use What Makes You Unique in Your Scholarship Search

Use what makes you unique to your advantage during your scholarship search

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How many times have you had to answer the classic icebreaker prompt “Tell us one interesting thing about yourself”? Many students dread this and scramble to come up with an answer. But here’s the thing: You most definitely have something (even many somethings) that makes you unique sets you apart from the crowd. Often we’re so used to our own talents, quirks, and interests that they don’t seem particularly interesting to us—but I guarantee someone else finds it fascinating. What makes you unique can be anything from a random talent—like riding a unicycle—to a quirky anecdote—like the time you ate a bizarre food in a foreign country (and liked it)—to in-depth knowledge of a fictional universe.

The point is, you can take advantage of what makes you stand apart and use it to find/get scholarships.

Interesting Scholarships

There are some pretty weird (and amazing) scholarships out there, just as diverse as the people applying for them. Are you a huge Star Trek fan that can speak Klingon fluently? There’s a scholarship for you. Are you a doomsday prepper with a solid zombie survival plan? There are unique scholarships for you. Use your unique interests and talents to search for more unique scholarship opportunities! In other words, there are so many scholarships out there that aren’t just the usual “submit an essay” type. No matter how niche you think your interests are, we guarantee you that there is a scholarship out there for you.

Create Unique Essays

An interesting anecdote can really boost your scholarship chances. Of course, you should make sure it’s relevant to the award you’re applying to. You wouldn’t write about that time you wrestled an alligator in Florida if you’re applying to a scholarship related to chemistry majors. But what sparked your interest in studying chemistry in the first place? Was it a childhood episode of Bill Nye the Science Guy? Is your mom a chemist? Did you get one of those kiddy chemistry sets for Christmas one year, or make a baking soda and vinegar volcano for a school project? Dig deep to find a personalized story, and use it to your advantage to create a unique scholarship essay.

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Getting Scholarships

Use what makes you unique to get scholarships. Thousands of students are applying for scholarships, which means that the judges are reading essay after essay. Making yourself stand out with your hobbies, talents, or anecdotes not only breaks the monotony, but makes you more memorable.

Additionally, there’s no such thing as applying for too many scholarships, as long as you meet all the requirements. Don’t waste your time applying for ones that you don’t completely meet, even if you’re only missing one qualification. There are plenty of scholarships out there that are a perfect fit for you, and that you’ll be seriously considered for.

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