What To Do After Receiving The SAR

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Your SAR, or Student Aid Report, is compiled based on the information you provided on your Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA form. If you included your email address while filling the form, you will receive your SAR by email a few days after your application is processed. If you did not include your email address, it may take a little longer to reach you by traditional mail.

The SAR is essentially a summary of the financial aid information you submitted through the FAFSA. Once you receive this report, you must go through it thoroughly and make sure that all the details regarding your financial information are 100% correct. Colleges use the information in the Student Aid Report to determine the amount of financial aid you should receive towards your tuition fees. Any error in the numbers could affect your financial aid significantly.

If you find that the information is not correct or if there has been a change in your financial situation since the time you submitted the FAFSA, you need to start the process of changing the information in your FAFSA application and have it re-processed at the earliest. The process itself can take some time, so the earlier you initiate it, the earlier the changes will get reflected on your form.

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