4 Things To Do After Receiving A College Acceptance Letter

The stress and anxiety of waiting are finally over. You’ve received that much-hoped-for college admission acceptance letter. Or maybe you’ve received multiple acceptance letters. Now it’s time to prepare for a new phase in your life, as a college student.

Here are a few things you need to do after you’ve received one or more college acceptance letters.

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Make That Final Choice & Send In Your Acceptance Letter

If you’ve received only one acceptance letter, all you need to do now is reply saying you accept the admission and can’t wait for college to start so you can be a part of the institution.

What if more than one acceptance letter came in the mail? You will have to spend some time determining which of these schools will be your final college choice. If an acceptance letter came from your first-choice college, the decision will be easy. Otherwise, you will have to go through an intensive selection process where you compare every single aspect of the other colleges. Compare the total cost of studying in each college, to the programs each one offers, their facilities, campus, class size, living arrangements, and level of competition.

Once you’ve finalized your choice, sent the college your acceptance letter and get ready to start making your preparations for college.

Follow Your Chosen College On Their Social Media Sites

From the day you confirm your acceptance, you are already a part of the school. Following and engaging with your college on Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media site that they have allows you to get updates on ongoing academic and athletic activities and also participate in ongoing discussions. You can give your opinions, hear other students’ opinions and even connect with other freshmen. By the time the semester starts, you will already feel like part of the community.

Make Solid Plans Regarding Your Finances

You now have a definite number in mind as to how much you have to pay by way of tuition. It’s time now to figure out your living and meal arrangements and how much that is going to cost you. Calculate how much paying for college is going to cost you and whether your family finances, scholarships, loans, and grants if any will cover the entire cost. If not, think about what are your options for additional funding. It may be time to go back and explore a few more scholarship opportunities.

Get Packed & Ready To Leave

You now know the kind of surroundings you will be living in. A rural campus will require a completely different set of clothes from an urban campus. The weather matters too. Are you going to a college on the west coast, where it is sunny all year round or are you attending college in a city known for its brutal winters? Take all of these things into account when you make your packing list for college.

With everything that goes into preparing for college, the earlier you get started, the less stressed you will be with the time comes to leave. Besides, those last few days are better spent with family, friends and loved ones.

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