How to Submit the FAFSA To More Than 10 Colleges

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When you file the FAFSA you can select up to 10 schools that will receive your Student Aid Report (SAR), and make you eligible for institutional financial aid. But what if you’re applying to more than 10 schools? How to you get your FAFSA out to the rest of them? Well, you have a number of options:

Make Online FAFSA Corrections

One option is to log into your FAFSA account and click Make FAFSA Corrections. From there, you can remove some of the colleges listed on your FAFSA (that have already received your SAR) and replace them with additional college options. When you submit the changes for processing, they’ll send your SAR to the new schools.

Mail Back the Paper SAR with Corrections

If you went old school and got a paper SAR, you can replace up to 4 (not all 10) colleges and mail it back to Federal Student Aid for corrections.

Call the Federal Student Aid Information Center

For a more direct route, you can just call the Federal Student Aid Info Center and ask them to send your SAR to additional schools. You’ll need to provide them the name of the school and the Data Release Number (DRN) on your SAR.

Call the Colleges and Give Them Your DRN

Another option, call the schools themselves! Once in touch with their financial aid office, you can give them the necessary information: name, DRN, and social security number. They’ll add their school code to your FAFSA and get a copy of your SAR.

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