When Should I Update My FAFSA?

Overlay text "Update" against grey and blue with a circular arrow background.When filling in the FAFSA, the information you enter has to be correct when you submit the form. However, FAFSA administrators are aware that that information could change at any time and have made provisions for applicants to change certain details.

You must update your FAFSA if there are any changes in any of these details:

Your contact details

The FAFSA form must reflect your current phone number, email address, and mailing address. If any of these have changed after you filed your FAFSA, you must update the form.

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Your dependency status

This may apply if you are in legal guardianship or you are pregnant. If there is a change in your marital status, you cannot simply update your FAFSA. In this case you will need to first speak to the financial aid office to determine whether you may be allowed to update the FAFSA.

You made a mistake when submitting your FAFSA

All information must be correct on the form. If you have made a mistake, you must take steps to correct it as soon as you can.

What you should know about updating your FAFSA is that it will not affect or delay your financial aid in any way. The FAFSA has processes in place for handling all updates and corrections and these get done within a couple of days, without holding up the financial aid process.

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