News update: We Create Here Covers College Raptor Launch, Funding and Vision

We Create Here announced the launch of College Raptor in 2014, including information about Series A financing raised from mostly within the state of Iowa.

The article details information about the College Raptor vision to help students and families find their best college matches, considering academic fit, cultural fit and financial affordability. It also discusses the business model that also helps colleges find and recruit students that are the best fit for their campus, improving college recruitment and ultimately increasing student success as students enroll in the best colleges for them to thrive.

From the article:

For many, applying to college can be a confusing and intimidating process. But for William Staib, a serial entrepreneur with a background in data science, seeing the promotional materials and paperwork stack up sparked an idea for a new business.


“For me, a mess is a good thing – how do we get our heads around this, how can we make it better?” he said.


Staib officially launched College Raptor earlier this month, hoping to make finding and comparing the true net cost of college easier for students and parents. The startup has already attracted interest from some of Iowa’s notable investors, including John Pappajohn, legendary Iowa businessman, and Richard Ferguson, former CEO of ACT, who have led a $2 million round of series A funding in College Raptor.


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