5 Free Online College Prep Courses

The thought of attending college can be tremendously exciting. However, it’s not without its challenges. College is nothing at all like high school. Taking a few college prep courses can help to make this transition smoother. Fortunately, you don’t have to pay for these. We’ve put together 5 online college prep classes that can help.

A high school student taking a college prep course on her laptop.

How to Write an Essay

Offered by UC Berkeley, this online course introduces the basics of academic writing. The course focuses on grammatical accuracy, essay development, strategies for writing thesis statements, and self-editing. You’ll also learn how to write effective, precise sentences and paragraphs without rambling, and how to write compelling introductions and conclusions.

The course is delivered via a series of readings and video. Students get opportunities to engage in online discussions and peer reviews. As part of the course, you will be expected to complete an essay using what you’ve learned.

It’s ideal for students who don’t feel confident in their writing abilities. The college app essay is a big part of the application, so this course could really help out!

How to Apply to College

There’s a long list of things to keep in mind when applying to college. You have to check programs offered, eligibility requirements, tuition fees, application deadlines, and more. Overlooking any one aspect may result in you losing the opportunity to attend your first-choice college.

This online course offered by University of Pennsylvania helps students understand the search and shortlisting process. This course is particularly useful for students who are the first in their family to attend college. It demystifies the process for both the students as well as their parents.

Of course, there are plenty of free resources right here at College Raptor, too! Check out the following blog posts for application inspiration!

College Math Foundations

If your major requires you to take college-level math classes but your math foundation is weak, you’ll find yourself struggling through classes. Once college starts, there’s no time to go back and study the basics. This online course will help you be better prepared for college level math classes by improving your foundational math knowledge. You’ll learn the basics of algebraic manipulations, fractions, probability, and factoring. You’ll also learn how to solve linear equations and how to use the TI-84 Calculator. The lessons are delivered via a series of readings, videos, interactive materials and quizzes. It is offered by University of Georgia.

Life Happens: Personal Finance from College to Career

When it comes to money matters, it’s better to be forearmed rather than learn from your mistakes. Money mistakes can be expensive. Not only will you graduate deeper in debt but it will also damage your credit score creating other financial problems. This financial literacy course aims to empower students with practical knowledge that will come in handy in college and beyond. You’ll learn how to assess student and loans, choose the right credit card, and protect against identity theft. The Udemy course is delivered through 80 information-packed videos and is easy to understand and implement.

U101: Understanding College and College Life

The University of Washington’s U101 course cuts through the confusing and conflicting information out there. Therefore, making it easier for students to navigate college life. You’ll learn how colleges operate, how to choose a major, and how to get and apply for financial aid. You’ll also learn effective study strategies and how to succeed as student. The course also offers an introduction to student clubs, sororities, and fraternities so you can make the most of your college experience.

Taking a college prep course can help make it easier for you to navigate college life. These five free online college prep courses offer something for everyone.

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