How to Prep for AP Courses Over the Summer

Are you starting any AP Courses this fall in high school? You definitely don’t want to wait for first day to get ready. Preparation needs to start over the summer to ensure a good grade and a smooth semester. Here are some tips for prepping for AP courses over the summer. 

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Complete Your Summer Assignments

Unlike most other high school classes—with possibly the exception of English summer reading assignments—AP courses have work that will be due your very first day of class, and you definitely won’t want to wait until the last minute to complete it. The work you do during the summer leading up to this point will help you get prepared for the year ahead. It is necessary to ensure you have the knowledge to do well in the course.

Creating a study schedule will help ensure you’re getting all your work done in a timely manner and not having to crunch too much later in the season. The type of coursework you’re given will depend on the subject, so planning now is essential.

Start on Your Reading List

If you have enough time after you complete your summer assignments, you may also want to consider starting on your course’s reading list. There will be novels and other pieces you’ll be assigned over the course of the year, which can be quite a lot to manage. Getting a head start now can help ensure you’re managing your AP course workload with less stress.

Consider Joining a Study Group or Working with a Tutor

AP courses are notoriously difficult. The summer is a perfect opportunity to start working with a study group or even a tutor. They can help you craft a study and work schedule for your summer assignments, as well as the upcoming school year’s assignments, while also helping you with any potential questions you may have.

If you know people in your upcoming class, get with them to see if they’d like to form a study group. Even just meeting once or twice a week can be beneficial for everyone involved. A private tutor can be a good option if you don’t know anyone or you can opt to use both a tutor and a study group at the same time.

Reach Out to Your Teacher

Just like your class assignments, you don’t want to wait until the first day of the AP course to talk to your teacher. If you have questions about the summer workload or expectations, reach out to them now. It’s also a perfect opportunity to introduce yourself to your teacher.

AP classes can be a lot to handle, especially if you’re not prepared for the coursework or work load. Talking to your teacher is an excellent starting point. However, you’ll definitely want to create a schedule for your assignments, study group, and reading list ahead of time. That way, you’re not cramming the work all last minute and potentially setting yourself up for problems with the class.

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