Ways to Prepare for College Orientation

College orientation is exciting for so many different reasons. You get to choose your classes, meet your future classmates and teachers, and get a closer look at the facilities and the campus that you will call home for the next four years. There’s a lot to be excited about, but there’s also a lot to prepare for.

There are a lot of formalities that you will need to attend to on orientation day and a little preparation will help you get the most from this day.

Go Through The College Website Before Leaving For The Orientation

College websites provide a wealth of information to prospective students. You can find most of the information you need if you take the time to go through the website thoroughly. Even if you have gone through the college website while making your college list, and again before your campus visit (there are a few things you must do while visiting), it’s worth going through it again. This time you will find yourself looking at it differently.

Read all the details about their curriculum, classes, facilities, and clubs. Make a note about any details that catch your eye that you think you would want to know more about. Also make a note about information you cannot find on site. Maybe you want to know more about the clubs on campus but cannot find too many details. Make a note so you can find out more at orientation.

Going through and engaging in the college website before the orientation will help save you time when you get there.

Complete Your Placement Exams Before Orientation Day

You will need to submit your placement exam scores to sign up for certain classes at orientation. If you have not yet taken the exam and cannot submit the scores at orientation, you will not be able to sign up right away. While you can take the exam at any time after orientation and can also sign up for your preferred classes later, if all places get filled up at orientation you will have missed the opportunity and will have to settle for an alternative. All classes have a limited number of seats and when they are filled, registration for those classes is considered closed.

Go Through The Registration Information Sheet That The College Sends You

As part of their prep for orientation day, your college will send you a registration information sheet. You must go through this sheet carefully and make sure you meet all requirements, especially with regards to registration bars. If the registration bars show that you do not meet a particular financial or health requirement, you must follow the instructions provided and get all issues resolved as quickly as possible. You will get the opportunity to clear your bars at the orientation too but it would mean missing out on some other initiation program.

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