How To Follow Up With A College

After you’ve submitted your application, you may want to follow up with a college for a few different reasons.

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Updates and News

One of the most common reasons may be to update them about your latest accomplishments, which could impact the fate of your application. The second is if you check your application status and find that your high school transcripts or test scores have not yet reached the college. But, you submitted your transcripts or test scores several weeks ago.

How to Follow Up

Both of the above circumstances may warrant a follow up with a college. However, you must remember that the admissions authorities are sure to be drowning in reading and assessing student applications. With that in mind, you must be careful about how you follow up with any college.

The first and most important thing to do is to go back to the application instructions and read through the details thoroughly. Did the college has included specific instructions for updated them after you’ve submitted your application? Make sure you follow those details explicitly.

Keeping a consistent line of communication is also a way to show demonstrated interest in a school as well!

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