3 Things to Do After You Submit Your College Applications

After submitting your college application, you’re not quite done with the whole “college preparation” thing. There’s plenty of other tasks that need to be completed! Here are three more to work on:

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Completing College Interviews

Many colleges have interviews as part of the college application process. Some may be mandatory, while others are listed as “recommended”. Mandatory or not, schedule one with your potential school. It could give your application the boost it needs to equal an acceptance letter. The initiative also shows your potential future school your interest in attending.

Try scheduling your interview as soon as possible. If you wait, a lot of the best time slots will be taken up before you choose. Some schools allow you to complete your interview in person at the campus, with alumni in your town, or over the phone. Double-check with your college before scheduling.

Before your interview, look up what questions are asked and try practicing. This will help prepare you for the real deal.

Attending Overnight Stays at Colleges

If a college allows it, take advantage of an overnight stay at the school. This will allow you to get a real picture of the college, campus, dorm room, dining halls, and more. It can give you the information you need to make a decision when your acceptance letters arrive.

If you already made your decision on a college, the overnight stay may be a mandatory aspect of orientation. Make sure you’re taking part in a number of activities while also attending entry exams you may need. This can be the perfect opportunity to get more familiar with the campus and even made some friends.

Applying to Scholarships

If you haven’t started yet, you’re behind on scholarship applications. If you already began, there are still plenty out there to check out! Using scholarship databases online can help you search for awards you qualify for, making the research and applying parts easier than ever.

In addition to online research, you’ll also want to check with your counselor and local organizations for any scholarships for your area. Create a schedule so you can be sure to apply to enough awards, but also not burn yourself out.

College applications can be a stressful part of graduating from high school. It can be nice to have them behind you. Now that you’re done submitting your college application, you have time to concentrate on other aspects of your college preparation. That includes orientation, applying to scholarships, and attending college interviews. Once you’ve completed those, you can start thinking about the school you’re going to choose, your classes, and what you want to bring to your freshman dorm!

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