Extracurricular Activities That Will Impress College Admissions Boards

While participating in any type of extracurricular activity can boost your chances of getting admission into college, there are a few activities in particular that carry a lot of weight. Participating in any of the extracurricular activities mentioned below will impress even the most selective college admissions board.

Membership in a Club or an Organization

Many colleges seek out students who showcase their leadership potential, and one of the best ways to prove your mettle is by joining a club or an organization. You don’t necessarily have to be president of the club. But, the more active you are, the more likely you’ll impress a college admissions board. Colleges love when prospective students are willing to step up, reach out, join, and make the campus and surrounding community a better place.

Community Outreach

Much like other clubs and organizations, community outreach—whether through a community club, religious organization, or any other type of outreach center—can help you show off your leadership and philanthropy skills. Colleges are more likely to accept students who work well within their communities than students who aren’t active.

Active in Student Government

Student government shows you are not only a joiner but a leader who is civic-minded and willing to work to improve your school. Student government is especially useful for those who are interested in government, civics, and other leadership roles. The more active you are in student government, the more likely it is you’ll be active in your college-level government as well.

Debate Team

If you want to major in communications, Debate Team is one of the top organizations you join in high school. Debate team helps hone communication skills, critical thinking skills, and keeps your mind sharp during impromptu speaking opportunities. Active debate team membership also proves to your prospective school that you have excellent written and speaking communication skills.

Student Organizations

National Honor Society, Skills USA, Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA), STEM/PLTW.

These organizations are highlighted separately because they offer major scholarship opportunities for those who are willing to work for them.  These organizations require good grades for membership. However, they also offer rich learning experiences, competitive events, and state-wide and national leadership position opportunities.  HOSA gives thousands of dollars in scholarships to students interested in majoring in medical fields such as nursing, phlebotomy, medical technology, biomedicine, and myriad other medical fields.  Skills USA offers leadership and scholarship opportunities to students interested in technology, graphic arts, and communications, and any numbers of vocational/technical fields, and STEM/Project Lead the Way searches continually for students interested in engineering, robotics, automotive technologies, and other high-tech positions.


Don’t snub your nose at athletic pursuits.  Students can shine both on and off the playing field in these types of situations. Many students gain major scholarship potential not only for athletics but academics as well.  Even competitive weight-lifters can find major scholarship opportunities if they are willing to seek them out.

These are just some of the many organizations and outreach opportunities available to everyone looking to join.  Don’t sit on your laurels!  Find a student organization you enjoy and join up.  Your future is waiting!

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