SAT/ ACT Test Day Tip: Write on Your Booklet

Here's one of our SAT and ACT tips for test day: Write in your SAT and ACT test booklet.

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You know by now that the questions on the SAT & ACT tests are designed to challenge you. Acing these tests requires you to be fast, focused, and most of all, accurate. So here’s one of many SAT and ACT tips for test day that experts suggest: use your SAT and ACT test booklet as a scratchpad.

Why you should write in the SAT and ACT test booklet

Scratch work is critical when you are answering any test. It helps you keep track of your work and avoid making careless mistakes. Without any other scratch paper available to you when answering the SAT & ACT, your test booklet acts as a great substitute.

Process of elimination

When you are using the process of elimination to determine the right answer, instead of trying to remember what’s crossed out and what’s not, you can scratch out the wrong answers directly on your test paper.

Make notes

You can also use your test paper to mark up geometry diagrams. Or do your algebra calculations. Even make notes or circle questions that you do not know the answers to. If you have some time to go back and attempt the answer, you won’t waste time looking for the question.

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