An Unexpected ACT/SAT Tip: Look For The WRONG Answers

"Wrong is Right" written on a paper.

Flickr user Joel Bez

One of the most confusing aspects of answering multiple choice questions on the ACT and SAT is that most of the choices given look similar. Choice ‘A’ could almost be the right answer. But then again so could choices ‘B’, ‘C’ and ‘D’.

So what do you do when faced with so many similar looking choices? The best thing to do is look for the answer that you know is definitely wrong and strike that out. Now you have one less confusing choice. Instead of a 25% chance of getting the answer right, you now have 33% chance of getting it right.

Do the same thing for the remaining choices and the last one will be your right answer. This is known as the process of elimination and it does work if used smartly. As you eliminate the choices that you are sure are wrong, your chances of eventually getting to the right answer will keep increasing.

Be careful when using this strategy though. Don’t just guess randomly without giving it any thought. Spend at least a few seconds on each of the answer choices before deciding to eliminate it.

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