ACT Pro Tip: Write Down the Math Formulas at the Beginning of the Section

Here's one of our ACT math tips!

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Here’s the thing about the ACT math section: they don’t give you the formulas you’ll need. Instead, you have to memorize them. This can make many students nervous (yours truly included) as there’s so much going on during the ACT that recalling complicated math formulas can be overwhelming.

Well here’s one of our ACT math tips to alleviate some of that test-taking stress.

Write Down the Math Formulas

One under-utilized resource on the ACT and SAT is the test booklet itself. You can write on it like scratch paper. Underline, circle answers, jot down notes, whatever you need, including writing down math formulas.

Instead of recalling the formula mentally for every single question, write yourself a “cheat sheet” right at the beginning of the math section. Once you’ve written them down, you can just glance up at the formula list and save time. And on the ACT, every single second counts.

It’s a time saver and stress reliever. You don’t have to worry about keeping all 16 critical formulas in your head the whole test if you’ve already written them down once. With formulas out of the way, you can focus on solving the problems you’re given.

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