Use Score Averages At Your Dream School to Set an ACT/SAT Goal

Harvard University students have an average ACT score between 32 & 36

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When studying for the ACT or SAT, it’s best to have a goal before hand. However, do you know what to aim for? It helps to use your score averages at your dream school to set a goal before you get started. Here’s how you can make the most of the average scores:

Finding the Average Scores Accepted by Colleges

If your ACT or SAT score is over a certain amount, it could increase your chances to get into a college. Each school has their average ACT and SAT scores listed on their website, but you can also find all the information you need right here on College Raptor. Under the Admissions of a school’s profile you can see the 25th and 75th percentiles of the SAT and ACT. You can even see detailed information for each section of the exams including Math, Reading/Writing, and English.

For example, Harvard University is looking for between a 32 and 36 ACT Composite score (the highest you can get) or a 1,470 to 1,590 on the SAT. Texas Tech has lower averages for accepted students, including a 22 to a 26 for the ACT Composite or between a 1,090 to 1,270 on the SAT. You can look up your dream school to find their average scores for accepted students.

What These Scores Mean For You

Once you know the average score for a college’s admissions, you can use these to create a goal. Since you want to have the best chance to get into your dream college, it’s a good idea to aim for their average scores for either the SAT or ACT.

You obviously want to aim for the best you can do, but these scores can give you a more concrete number. However, don’t just try for the “minimum” or the 25th percentile. You want to improve your chances for admission, which means getting the best score you can get. If you score closer to the 75th percentile, you can seriously help your application.

Working Towards Your Goal

Once you have a number or range in mind, you can start working towards your goal. The best way to prepare for the SAT or ACT is to take practice exams. First, take the test to see how well you do. Review your work and start to focus on your weaker areas.

However, if you manage to score well and close to your goal during your first few practice exams, don’t stop there! You have the potential to score even higher and really impress your dream school. An even higher score than you originally aimed for will only continue to help your college application.

The average scores accepted by colleges and universities varies from school to school, but if you look at your dream school’s averages you can have a true idea of what to aim for. You don’t want to aim for the lowest score possible, but rather towards a higher number within the average. If you can do even better, great! This is a great way to make sure you’re tailoring your application for your dream school.

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