Why You Should Set ACT / SAT Goals

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Setting ACT / SAT goals is more important than you may realize. The main purpose is, of course, to do your best and score the highest marks possible, but the problem is that means different things to different students. Besides, it is difficult to stay motivated when you do not have a tangible goal—and you could find yourself slacking off more than you should.

Goal Setting for the ACT & SAT

When you set ACT / SAT goals, it makes it easier for you to create a study time table that will help you achieve that goal. Also, after each practice test, you know exactly how much more effort you need to put in to meet your target.

If this is your first attempt at taking the SAT or ACT, your goal should be to obtain a certain minimum score. The minimum score you should aim for will depend on the universities you are applying for. While you can afford to take it easy if you are applying to colleges that do not have very stringent admission requirements, be prepared to dig deep and set the bar high if you are applying to top tier universities.

If this is your second shot at the SAT or ACT, your goal should be to get a higher score than the previous attempt. (And nearly all students who retake do end up achieving a higher score).

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