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When it comes to ACT and SAT prepping, there are many pieces of advice out there to consider. Here are just two, of many, that are important and deserve a highlight.

Analyze Your Mistakes

Most ACT/SAT prep tips recommend answering several practice tests, which is solid advice. However, simply answering plenty of practice tests is not enough. What is more important is to analyze your results after every practice test, identify your mistakes and your weak spots and work towards strengthening those areas.

Hone Your Time Management Skills

Time management plays a crucial role in acing the ACT and the SAT. You cannot afford to dawdle or get distracted or you risk not completing the whole paper, losing out on valuable marks. The best way to hone your time management skills is to check how much time you are spending on each section when answering the practice tests. You have a limited time to answer each question in each section and knowing where most of your time is being spent will help you make better decisions about which sections to answer first and which to leave for later.

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