Take Advantage Of the ‘Question of the Day’ Features for the ACT and SAT

Take advantage of the SAT/ACT question of the day featureWith so much at stake—between admission odds and scholarship eligibility—it’s not a good idea to wait for the last minute to start studying for the ACT and SAT. Experts suggest starting from your sophomore or junior year. One thing that can help is the SAT and ACT Question of the Day features that both test providers offer.

SAT’s Daily Practice App

The ‘Question of the Day’ feature is a unique offering in the official SAT app—Daily Practice for the New SAT. This app has been developed to help students get the practice that they need to get acquainted with the curriculum. It also provides types of questions that are asked in the SAT and ACT.

This feature allows students to answer one question every day while allowing students access to exclusive official content. It also gives out optional hints and explanations to help you understand how the solution was obtained.

ACT’s Question of the Day Email

On ACT’s official site, students can sign up for over 100 free practice questions, all pulled from previous ACTs. A weekly email containing the answers to questions, as well as their explanations. It can help students get a feel for the types of questions they’ll face.

Why Daily Questions Can Help

When you use the ‘Question of the Day’ features, you will slowly develop a routine. This can help prepare for your ACTs / SATs in a manner that helps you learn and retain information in a better way.

Starting early with the Question of the Day method is especially important. The method of testing requires test takers to be very quick in answering questions. Any kind of anxiety impairs performance in these tests. Getting acquainted with the types of questions asked and the format of the exams can help reduce anxiety and allows you to score higher in both, the SAT and the ACT.

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