Take Advantage Of Work-Study Programs

Take advantage of the work-study programs your college offers!

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Federal Work-Study programs are one more avenue you can explore as you look for ways to get the financial assistance you need to fund your college education. Work-study programs are federally funded programs that help students get part-time jobs so they can earn an income to put towards their college expenses.

How Work-Study Programs Works

Any student who qualifies for financial aid may be eligible to participate in the work-study program provided they have a high school diploma (or equivalent) and can demonstrate financial need. Students who wish to be considered must put in a request on their FAFSA and CSS.

If you meet the eligibility requirements, the government will help you get a part-time job and will pay all or some of your wages so you can meet some of your college expenses. The total amount awarded to you will depend upon several factors, one of which is your level of financial need.

Participating in a work-study program offers several benefits. This is an opportunity for you to get work experience and start earning an income even before you graduate, which will give you the competitive edge after graduation.  It is also an opportunity for you to make contact with employers who are more likely to want to hire you full time after graduate. You will meet other professionals too who may become valuable references for future employment.

If you meet the requirements and if you think you can handle a part-time job along with your studies, it is worth taking advantage of work-study programs.

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