Must-Know ACT and SAT Vocabulary Words: Part Two

Here are some more SAT and ACT vocabulary words to peruse!

Flickr user Katia Striek

Everyone knows that standardized tests love to “trick” you (the ACT, in particular, is known for this). One of the ways they do this is to use higher-level vocabulary. While questions such as “What is the definition of ____?” are few and far between, you’ll likely see many questions that want you to use context clues to help define words. Therefore, it’s important to have a good base set of vocab words. We’ve discussed some words in an earlier post about ACT and SAT vocabulary words, but here are twenty-five new SAT and ACT vocabulary words for you to peruse.

  • Acumen: keen insight, shrewdness
  • Adhere: to stick to a surface; to believe/follow to a set of beliefs
  • Assiduous: hard-working, diligent
  • Brittle: fragile
  • Camaraderie: trust among friends
  • Coherent: logical and consistent
  • Corollary: a direct or natural consequence or result
  • Delirious: being in a state of excitement
  • Eclipse: loss of significance, power, or prominence in relation to another person or thing
  • Evanescent: short-lived, as an image
  • Extenuating: guilt-reducing
  • Florid: flushed, ornate
  • Haughty: arrogant, condescending
  • Incendiary: tending to stir up conflicts; designated to cause fires
  • Integrity: honesty, decency
  • Latent: existing but not yet developed or obvious; hidden, concealed
  • Lethargic: sluggish or apathetic
  • Lobbyist: persuader of legislators
  • Opulent: wealthy
  • Parched: dried up
  • Perturbed: greatly disturbed
  • Pungent: having an extremely strong taste or smell
  • Querulous: irritable
  • Spurious: phony, false
  • Transient: temporary, fleeting

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