How to Balance Freedom and Responsibility in College

Many students are pumped for the freedom that comes with going to college. It is exciting! It’s a time for you to start making decisions about what classes to take and when to take them, when and where to study, and a variety of other new opportunities. It will be up to you to find your classes and get there on time, to make sure that you’re eating well, and to hold yourself accountable overall. We want you to succeed, so we’ve come up with some ways you can balance your freedom and responsibility. 

Manage Your Time

Balance your freedom and responsibility by managing your time. After figuring out your class (and/or work, internship, volunteering, etc) schedule, go through your calendar and set aside a specific time just for studying and homework. Print this out or make a copy on some scrap paper and hang it up where you’ll see it every day. The calendar is a good way to help remind yourself how you need to be spending your time. You can even add it to the calendar on your phone or computer so you always have it with you.


Relaxation & Self-Care

In addition to setting aside times for schoolwork, set aside time to hang out alone and with friends. These times can be more flexible. You can use them to practice self-care, catch up on TV shows, hit up the local fro-yo shop with your floormates, or even explore campus with friends. While you need to work hard to get good grades in college, it is still important to have a social life to help balance things out.

Stay On Top of Things

Pay attention in class, don’t be afraid to ask questions, and go to office hours if you need to. Stay on top of your homework, papers, and exams so you can still have your free time later. If you get behind, it can be hard to get caught up. It won’t necessarily be easy at first, but following your schedule between responsibilities and freedom will help you stay on track while enjoying your time in college.

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