How To Balance Feeling And Logic When Selecting A College

things to consider when picking a college: feelings and logic

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There’s no denying that selecting a college can be difficult. You may want with all your heart to attend one college but logic often gets in the way and coaxes you to choose another option. The key to making the right choice lies in balancing both, feeling and logic. There are some things to consider when picking a college that has to be based purely on logic, others based purely on feeling.

When Logic is More Important Than Feeling

For example, when you are considering whether or not the school is affordable, logic trumps feeling. No matter how much you want to attend College X, if it means you will graduate buried under too much debt, you should reconsider. It is really worth it? What does this college offer you that you won’t find in another college? While there are plenty of ways to reduce the overall cost of tuition, there should be a limit to the amount you borrow and you have to make a decision based on logic.

When Feeling is More Important Than Logic

How do you FEEL when you are on a particular campus? Do you feel overwhelmed by the huge number of students or the size of the campus? Only you can decide whether you will fit into that particular campus or not. That’s why visiting a campus is so important—so you can get a “feel” for the school. If you’re choosing between two equally affordable options, then a decision can come down to feeling.

Balancing both, logic and feeling, will help you make the right decision when selecting a college. The best-case scenario is that you find a college that is both affordable and feels right for you. If that doesn’t happen, feelings and logic are things you should consider when picking a college.

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