Mistakes Students Make When Selecting a College to Attend

Avoid these mistakes students make when picking a college

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It’s the time of year that students are making their final college selections. Some already know where they’re heading but many also aren’t quite sure just yet. However, if you’re still on the fence, here are some mistakes you’ll want to avoid when it comes time to make your choice.

Following the Pack

Many freshman choose a college based on their close friend, boyfriend, or girlfriend’s decision. While it may be comforting to know you’ll be experiencing this life changing time with someone you know, it shouldn’t be a deciding factor in the school you select. After all, this is your future and your career as well as theirs. Choose a school that meets your needs and path.

This also holds true for following your family, siblings, or parents. Your parents may want you to attend the school they went to, upholding a family legacy or just following in their footsteps. Just like with your friends, select a college that best fits your career path, personality, and educational requirements.

Choosing as Fast as Possible

Selecting your college is a choice that needs quite a bit of thought and contemplation. Rushing into a decision, whether early on or because you’ve waited until last minute, will never turn out how you wanted. Carefully weigh your options as well as your major, the college’s atmosphere, and other important factors before choosing a school.

Many colleges’ decision dates are coming up soon on May 1st, so make sure you’re giving your college choice consideration now, rather than the final week of April.

Focusing Only on the Environment

Some high school students dream about going to a party school. However, you should remember that that isn’t what college is about. While it may be a party school, it’s important to know how it fits into your education. If the call to party may be too strong while you’re attending the college, it could negatively affect your experience and your grades.

This also holds true to choosing a school because of their sports team. While there is nothing wrong with being a fan of a college’s football or baseball team, you don’t want it to be a deciding factor in the school you select. Your education should come first.

Basing Your Choice Only on Location

It may be your dream to go to college in the city, the country, or as far away as possible. This should be a consideration into your college selection, but not a major aspect. The college furthest away may not be the best choice for your major or career path, or you may find the city is not all you had thought it would be. The best way to avoid this mistake is to visit the school and area before you make your choice.

Choosing your college is a major decision and not one to be made lightly. When you’re selecting your final choice, make sure to keep your future, your career, and your needs firmly in mind.

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