6 Ways to Increase Happiness While at College

Here are some tips to increase happiness at college

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Do you enjoy your studies at college? Actually, don’t answer that question. Every student faces a moment (or multiple moments) when even your favorite classes and extracurricular activities transform into a cranky routine. It’s natural because you have to churn out large volumes of work and carry out a great number of assignments day in and day out. How can you deal with the stress and anxiety you may be feeling on the pathway to academic success? How can you turn your day-to-day routine into a productive, enjoyable and unforgettable time? Here are six tips that will help increase happiness:

Diversify Your Activities Off-Campus

Explore something new! You can go play soccer, try something that scares you, something competitive, and absolutely innovative. Go out, spend time with your good friends and relax. Find and keep a way of balancing your life between work and play. This is the best recipe for happiness that can be found whether on-campus or off-campus. Keep it up!

Be Yourself. Become a Leader

Why don’t you become one of those popular students about which you’ve heard so many stories? Leadership consists of your involvement in any kind of club or activity, making an impact on campus life while staying yourself. You can create your own club, take part in charity actions, and establish new contacts. Combining all these things will help you develop leadership qualities and become the life and soul of any party.

When Tired, Stay in Your Comfort Zone

Sometimes you really just need to pause and take a break. You can spend a whole evening in your room watching favorite movies and eating pizza, if you feel you need to make a fresh start and become more productive again. It’s your choice whether you want to take a rest by yourself or with friends. It’s your life. Make it enjoyable.

Discover New Horizons

If you see that the above activities don’t help you break up your stagnant college routine, you can try studying abroad. Search for various study abroad programs and put them into practice. It’s time to discover what daily routine is waiting for you in another country. Are you brave enough for that?

Exercise to Increase Happiness

Endorphins can cheer you up and make you energetic. Stop making excuses about not being sporty. Your course paper can wait for an hour while you do some exercises. If you love active sports, try going to a gym, running or cycling, but if you need something calm and relaxing, try attending yoga–it will lift your spirit and refresh your brain!

Sleep, Eat, Breathe

Even if you are a super energetic and enthusiastic student, leader and the darling of everyone who can multitask productively, don’t forget you’re just a human, not a robot or a superhero! Take a deep breath and imagine what your ideal life looks like, what components it should contain and what you can do to make it happen, but without pushing yourself too hard. Do your best to transform your dreams into a reality. Don’t forget to eat all three meals per day and sleep for at least 7-8 hours at night. The next episode of “Game of Thrones” can definitely wait until you get enough rest and are feeling refreshed.


All these bits of advice seem to be quite easy to follow, right? All you need to do now is to get the ball rolling. Taking that first step can lead to significant changes both in your academic success and emotional balance. We know you can do it.

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  1. Avatar Ian says:

    I find that when I stay in a scheduled routine, it helps me to be less stressed and stay happy at school, how does this apply?

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