What To Do On Your Long Weekend

Presidents’ Day is just around the corner – do you have plans yet for the long weekend? If not, we’ve put together a short list of ideas you can take advantage of during the three day holiday.

what to do on a long weekend

Have a Staycation

You don’t have to travel to have a vacation! A staycation can be just as relaxing – and just as fun. You could:

  • Have a mini spa day in your own bathroom
  • Sleep in or take naps
  • Catch up on some activities you’ve been wanting to do, like reading
  • Spend time around the city or town
    • Visit the movie theater
    • Go shopping
    • Visit a museum
  • Head outside
    • Take advantage of what your area has to offer, whether that’s hiking, the zoo, or the beach
    • Camp in the backyard

And if you feel like you’ll be tempted to complete homework while you’re sitting at home – you can always get a local hotel room if you can spare the cash. That way it can feel like a “real” mini vacation for you!

Catch Up on Work (Or Get a Head Start)

If you’d rather stay busy regarding your schoolwork during your long, three day weekend, you can always use this time to catch up on that work. If you’re behind on assignments, reading, or homework, now is the perfect chance to tackle those pieces. You may also want to spend a little extra time studying.

In addition, you can use this opportunity to get a head start on any upcoming projects. Just because a major essay is due on March 3rd, doesn’t mean you have to wait until March 2nd to complete it! Your future self will thank you if you have some or all of it out of the way early.

Devote Time to Your Hobbies

What are your favorite activities or hobbies when it comes to your downtime? Do you love to read, sew, play sports, or play video games? Are you in the midst of learning a new hobby or skill, like cooking, piano, or a foreign language?

No matter which it is, the long weekend is a great time to set aside time specifically for these skills or hobbies. Think about what you’ve had little time for lately, but have been longing to do, and devote the upcoming three days to that activity.

Mix it Up

You don’t have to have a staycation for your entire three day weekend, and you don’t have to sit in front of your piano for the entire time either. You can absolutely mix it up! If you want to do a little bit of that and a little bit of this, try having a staycation on Saturday, working on Sunday, and taking part in your hobbies on Monday.

What will you be doing this Presidents’ Day weekend? Let us know in the comments!