How Your Special Talent, Interest, Or Hobby Can Help You Get Accepted Into College

You may have taken up a hobby or a few extracurricular activities as a way to take a break from academics. But did you know that these very pursuits can give your application an expected edge? It can boost your chances of getting accepted into college.

Check out some of the ways that your special talent, interest or hobby can help you get accepted into college:

Well-Rounded Class

Colleges want a well-rounded class, which means they look for students who excel in certain areas or have interesting passions. This diversity is something that all colleges strive for in their classroom cohorts. So if you have something that sets you apart, they might look on that favorably.

Positive Qualities

Extracurricular activities or non-academic hobbies can highlight several positive qualities: passion, dedication, persistence, commitment, time management, prioritization. Mastering any activity or achieving some level of excellence requires the above great qualities in abundance. This shows the authorities that you have what it takes to meet the challenges of any academic program and are less likely to drop out, which is a huge factor in your favor.

Stand Out

Last but not least, having a special talent, interest, or hobby gives you something interesting to talk about in your personal essay. There are so many different angles you can go with when talking about your hobby. Whatever you choose to say, you know it will add character and dimension to your essay. Most of all, it will make your essay unique to you. It gives the reader an exclusive glimpse into your personality that does not come through in your grades and test scores.

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