5 Top Spring Break Locations

Where will you be traveling for your spring break? If you haven’t decided just yet, you might just want to consider some of these top spring break locations, which are regularly ranked in the top 5 best places to visit!

Orlando, Florida

Between the theme parks and short drives to the beaches, there’s no wonder why Orlando, Florida is a top destination for Spring Breakers. The city is home to Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, Fun Spot, Icon Park, and more.

And if you only want to spend a couple of days at the theme parks, you can take a quick drive to either Tampa, also home to Busch Gardens if you’re not theme park-ed out just yet, or the Space Coast for some well-deserved beach time. Daytona is only an hour away, too. But if you’re wanting to head further south, Miami isn’t that far away, either. You can expect a 3-and-a-half-hour drive to Miami and around 4 and a half hours to the Florida Keys.

Cancun, Mexico

Cancun, Mexico is definitely a common destination for Spring Breakers, and it’s easy to see why! The beaches are absolutely beautiful, and the trip can be very affordable, even for college students. You can also plan to jet ski, parasail, snorkel, take a tour around the city (including guided ones), or check out the Coco Bongo Cancun, acrobatic dance performers.

And if you love history? You’ll definitely want to pay a visit to Chichén Itzá, a Mayan archaeological site.


Right in the middle of the Caribbean, this island is a must-visit, and what better time than your spring break? Visitors can plan to visit the beaches, of course, but you can also check out the climbing waterfalls, surf, river raft, or take a tour around the island.

There’s so much to see in Jamaica, though, that you may just have to spend more than one or two Spring Breaks here to see everything the country has to offer!

New Orleans, Louisiana

If you love history and food, New Orleans in Louisiana is the place to visit. This city is truly unique. From Cafe Du Monde to the nightlife to the World War II museum, there is plenty for visitors to cover. The night market also offers some amazing shops if you want to check out some local artists!

The city allows people to drink on the street, so Bourbon Street is definitely an interesting place to visit. And if you want to taste delicious food in a refined setting, we highly recommend Commander’s Palace.

La Jolla, California

Located in San Diego, another top Spring Break destination is La Jolla in California. Meaning “the Jewel,” the city has wonderful weather year round. Students can check out the beaches, snorkel, kayak, surf, and eat delicious food. And you’ll just have to visit the La Jolla Cave.

And, of course, the area is also home to some fantastic whale watching, the famous San Diego Zoo, a gorgeous and bustling downtown, breweries, and more.

If these awesome top spring break locations don’t sound right for you, check out these “off the beaten path” destinations. Whatever you do, enjoy your well deserved spring break!


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