How to Stay Organized in College: 6 Tools

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How messy is your desk in your dorm room? Do you have pens floating all over the place? Are your papers shoved into your bag? Are you having trouble keeping on top of your work? If you’re wondering how to stay organized in college, we’ve got a few ideas. An organizer may be just what you need. Here are six great ones you can get right on Amazon.

DecoBros Desk Supplies Organizer

how to stay organized in college DecoBros desk organizerThe DecoBros Desk Supplies Organizer has seven compartments, with enough room for sticky notes, pens, clips, tape, highlighters, and more. This organizer is small too, so it won’t take up precious room on your desk. It comes in stylish black or sleek silver. This is a simple way to keep your work space tidy. With 5 stars and over 3,700 reviews, it’s definitely one you want to check out.

AmazonBasics Expanding File

how to stay organized in college AmazonBasics expanding fileWhen you get a test back from a professor, you shouldn’t shove it into your bag and forget about it. (Or worse, throw it in the trash). You probably should use it to review for the final. This expanding file, an Amazon’s choice product, is the perfect solution for keeping all of your important papers in one organized spot. It can hold up to an astounding 900 sheets and has 13 pockets, plenty for all of your courses. And then some.

Avery Durable 3-Ring Binders (Set of 4, Black)

how to stay organized in college Avery 3 ring bindersYou can never go wrong with the trusty binder. Keep all your notes, papers, assignments, and tests in one handy spot with one. Coming in a set of four, the Avery Durable 3 Ring Binders are enough for probably most if not all of your courses. These are 1.5”, but there are large sizes available as well as other colors—if you’d like to color code your classes. Or stick with the classic black and design a cover to slip into the clear front sleeve. 

Simple Houseware Clear Hanging Organizer (Set of 2)

how to stay organized in college SimpleHouseware hanging organizerMany dorm rooms come with extremely limited space. It can be tough fitting everything you need into the room, and then sharing it with someone else. However, these Simple Houseware Clear Hanging Organizers can be the perfect solution. Use it to organize your shoes, cooking supplies, school materials, or any combination. No matter what you use it for, hanging it on the back of the door or your closet can make a huge difference when it comes to saving space. It’s a #1 best seller for a reason! 

InterDesign Organizer Basket

how to stay organized in college InterDesign basketIf you’re tired of carrying your shampoo, soap, loofa, and everything else you need in the shower or bathroom separately, you’ll definitely need this InterDesign Organizer Basket. Available in small and medium, it can save you a lot of hassle. And even if you don’t need it for the bathroom, they’re great for just holding things like craft supplies, pens, and other items you may need at your desk. It comes in a vast array of colors and designs, so you’re sure to find one that matches your style.

PaperCode Simple Elephant Planner

how to stay organized in college Simple Elephant plannerAnd, of course, you can’t go wrong with a planner. The PaperCode Simple Elephant Planner will keep you on task for all of your important due dates, papers, finals, and other responsibilities. It also comes with stickers to help make planning ahead more enjoyable as well as productivity ebooks in case you find yourself procrastinating. But it’s not just a daily planner! It also has sections for mindmaps, life goals, affirmations, and vision boards. It’s really an all-purpose life journal.

Getting organized in college is one way to help set yourself up for success in your courses. These products can help you achieve that and will also instill good organizing habits that will follow you in later years.

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