Every Freshman Needs a College Lanyard: Here are 5 Great Options

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Lanyards aren’t just for teachers or office-goers. They’re especially beneficial to college freshmen. If you are one of these freshmen who is always looking for a place to keep your keys, they you’re in luck. We’ve rounded up 5 college lanyard options we feel are perfect for college freshmen!

Thread Wallets Cool Lanyard Key Chain Holder

Thread Wallets college lanyardThis lightweight yet durable lanyard comes in a myriad of colors and prints. You’re sure to find one that matches your personal style. It has a heavy-duty metal clasp that secures itself, so things won’t fall out or off. The clip is secured with a leather-sewn binding, so it won’t detach or come loose. There are great styles like marble, floral, geometric shapes, stripes, and more.

One in a Millionaire Starry Night Print Lanyard

One in a Millionaire college lanyardGet in touch with your arty side with this art-print lanyard showcasing Van Gogh’s Starry Night. With a strong metal clasp and a keychain flashlight attached, everything will be safe and secure. The design is super practical and convenient, with a handy badge compartment for keeping your school ID, credit cards, and some cash too. Prefer a different famous painter? It also comes in Monet’s Water Lillies, Klimt’s the Kiss, Pollock’s Convergence, and several other notable works.

Wisdompro Office Lanyard – 3-Pack, Assorted Colors

Wisdompro college lanyardYou’ll get a little bit of everything with these detachable key lanyards from Wisdompro. You can choose from the traditional red, blue, and black colors or the brighter pinks and purples. You can easily keep track of keys, ID badges, and anything else you might need. Should you need to detach your keys, they pop right off with a squeeze. There’s even a spot for a flash drive. Convenience and safety, all in one package.

Specialist ID Heavy Duty Breakaway Lanyard

Specialist ID college lanyardThis heavy-duty lanyard can hold up to 3 ID cards or credit cards, making it perfect for college students who need to carry everything with them. The durable hard plastic protects whatever’s inside. The front of the badge is clear for easy ID showing. The lanyard comes in black or blue. No matter what you need to keep at hand, this lanyard can do just that.

Ceiba Tree DIY Bright Color Lanyards – Set of 6

Ceiba Tree college lanyardHave a colorful personality? Here’s a lanyard to match. These vibrant lanyards come with a badge holder and spot for important small items. It is great for IDs, keys, USB drives, and more. You can even decorate it with fun pins if you want. It’s detachable too, so you don’t have to fumble for your bus pass or dorm keycard. (Or lean down awkwardly if you hang the lanyard around your neck). It comes in an affordable pack of six, so you can gift some to your friends or roommates!

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