9 of the Best Snacks for Study Sessions in College

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College life can get hectic. You juggle lectures, homework assignments, tests, extracurriculars, and socializing. With so much going on, you might feel a bit peckish while studying. Good thing we found some of the best snacks you could possibly want while working hard.

Here are 9 tasty study snacks:

CraveBox Care Package (40 Count)

CraveBox best snacksYou’re guaranteed to never go hungry when you have the CraveBox Care Package. It contains an assortment of 40 snacks. Love salty snacks? It’s got that. Have a sweet tooth? Sure. Looking for salty and sweet? This pack’s got it covered. No matter what you’re craving, you can probably find it in this box. The CraveBox package is guaranteed to keep hunger at bay whether you’re studying, relaxing, or having a quick bite before or after class.

Cookies, Chips & Candies Ultimate Snacks Sampler (50 Count)

A variety of snacks in a pile.This 50-count box guarantees that you’ll have something to snack on, no matter what you’re craving. It’s cheaper and quicker than the dorm room vending machine, and you get to keep your quarters for important stuff like laundry and printing paper. From pretzels to popcorn, and chips to cookies, all these snacks are tasty and hit the spot.

College Box Healthy College Care Package (30 Count)

CollegeBox healthy best snacksFor those who want a healthier option, this college care package is for you. With 30 different types of snacks, you can have everything from sweet to crunchy to anything in between, and it’s all stuff that’s actually good for you. (Or at least better than other high-fat, oil-rich, or sodium-laden snack foods). Fruit snacks, veggie chips, granola bars, and plenty more! Maybe you’ll find a new favorite snack in this bundle.

Hangry Kit – Nuts, Meat, Protein Snacks

Hangry Kit best snacksFor heartier fare, try the Hangry Kit! With an assortment of nuts, meat, and protein, this Hangry Kit will keep hunger at bay. Whether you’re studying, relaxing, gearing up for finals, or you’re just lounging between classes. Hangry’s got you covered with everything from nuts to protein bars from 20 popular brand names so you’re guaranteed to find something you like.

Welch’s Fruit Snack Variety Pack (48 Count)

Welch's fruit snacksAh, a nostalgic classic. These fruit packs can help you kill cravings with fresh, fruity goodness. Excellent for students who prefer sweets that aren’t super sugary, the first ingredient is always real fruit. Which is your favorite flavor? Island Fruits, Berries n’ Cherries, Mixed Fruit, or Strawberries? (The strawberry ones are to die for).  

Popchips Variety Pack (4 Flavors, 24 Count)

Popchips best snacksPopchips are a wonderful alternative to the average potato chip. Variety packs mean you are not stuck with the same old flavor every day. This Popchips pack contains in 4 flavors: salt and vinegar, sour cream and onion, sea salt, and BBQ. Popchips are light, tasty, and have fewer calories than most other chip brands. So you don’t have to feel guilty about indulging. Snack on these and you may never want regular calorie-laden potato chips again.

Grandma’s Cookies Variety Pack (30 Count)

Grandma's Cookies best snacksEveryone loves Grandma’s Cookies. Just like Grandma taught you, share with your friends so no one will be hungry or neglected while studying. These make for great snacks to carry around and munch on while walking from one classroom to the next. Delicious flavors include: Mini vanilla cremes, chocolate chip (in two sizes–mini and large), peanut butter, chocolate brownie, and oatmeal raisin.

Hershey’s Variety Pack (30 Count)

Hershey's best snacksStudying is hard and you deserve a reward. What better than chocolate? Hershey’s is a staple in the chocolate industry, and their big-name favorites are in this variety pack. Finish your midterm essay? Enjoy a Hershey bar! Did you read a whole dense chapter and have a few to go? Take a break with a KitKat link and save the others for later. However you need to motivate yourself, this variety pack can help you out.

Quaker Chewy Granola Bars Chocolate Chip Pack (58 Count)

Chewy chocolate chip granola barsWhether you missed breakfast or you’re late to class, these chewy granola bars from Quaker will help. Filled with granola and goodness, these bars are perfect for whatever your studies throw at you. These delicious chocolate chip granola bars are great enough to see you through the day.

Don’t go around hungry, especially when you need to study. Grab a quick snack and get back to those books.

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