8 Great Items to Bust Your College Stress

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Early classes. Trekking across campus. Midterms. A snoring roommate. Homework. Crowded study spaces. No one ever said that college wasn’t stressful. On those days what you need is one of these fun busters that will help ease your college stress. Take a breath and read on. 

The Friendly Swede Stress Relief Squishy Balls

The Friendly Swede squishy relief ball college stressEver get so stressed and upset you just wanted to squeeze the life out of someone or something? Rather than resort to actual violence, why not just pick up one of these weighted squeeze eggs from The Friendly Swede? Available in a variety of grip-weights and colors, these stress balls help you keep your cool when the pressure heats up. These are great for strengthening hand and finger strength as well, and they may even improve your reflexes and manual dexterity.

Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Animal Designs

Adult Coloring Book by Dan Morris college stressUnleash your inner artist while relieving daily stress with this gorgeous adult coloring book featuring animal designs. Made of high-quality, leak-proof paper, each design is as unique as it is beautiful. You may choose to go as elaborate or as basic as you like while coloring these stress-relieving animal designs. Imagine creating a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork while unwinding between classes or exams. After you’re done, you can remove the page, frame your art piece, and hang it in your dorm.

Yogi Kava Stress Relief Tea

Yogi Kava stress relief tea college stressYogi Kava Stress Relief Tea is perfect for those days when all you want to do is relax with a good book and a nice cuppa. This spicy-sweet blend is made up of all-natural ingredients including kava, cinnamon, Indian sarsaparilla, and carob root. You just have to steep a tea bag in hot water and you’re done. You can add honey or milk if you want or you can sip it as is. Kava is known for its healing and calming properties, so your stress will melt down to nothing after a hot cup of tea. Perfect for after a grueling day of exams.

YnM Weighted Blanket

YnM weighted blanket college stressWeighted blankets are all the rage because of their excellent calming and stress-relieving effects. The YnM Weighted Blanket in particular is ultra-soft and comfortable. It contains glass beads that hold and distribute your body heat. These blankets are available in a variety of colors and weights so that no matter what form of comfort you need, you’ve got it. Easy to clean and extremely warm and comforting, this weighted blanket is like getting a warm, friendly hug when you need it most.

Scalp Massagers (2 Pack, Random Colors)

Two head massagersThis quirky-looking device is as practical as it is fun and easy to use. The Hofason Scalp Massager does more than just scratch your head. It also helps relieve tension and reduces the pain of tension headaches. No matter what color you get, you can massage away stress and find the relief you need with this fun scalp massager.

Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith

Wreck This Journal college stressGo ahead! Make a mess of things! Get out of your creative rut, bust up some stress, and feel free to wreck this journal. Unlike other journals or sketchbooks that you may have started and given up on in the past, this is the one that you might actually complete. This one’s an international best-seller for a reason, and once you try some of these wild and crazy ideas that will help you get in touch with your inner artist, it will be easy to see why.

Super Z Outlet Liquid Desk Toy

Super Z Outlet desk top toy college stressIf you’re suffering some major anxiety or just need something repetitive yet distracting, this liquid desk toy just might be the perfect solution. This device comes in a variety of color combinations so you can de-stress while watching your favorite colors drip together. The bubbles are as fascinating as they are soothing and will gently lull you to sleep or distract you into a calmer state.

BodyJ4You Spinner Band Rings (3 Set)

BodyJ4U spinner rings college stressThis elegant alternative to the fidget spinner is as beautiful and practical as it is comfortable to wear. These spinner bands come in three different colors and the middle band spins and rotates to help you either find a distraction or focus your mind. Find your favorite color in your perfect ring size and bust stress easily and surreptitiously, while still looking good when you do it.

Don’t let stress get you down or freak you out. Get one of these stress-busters today to help you calm down.

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