7 Fun Novelty College School Supplies

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Who says college has to be all work and no fun? With these novelty school supplies, you can study and learn while having some style. Put a personal touch on your notes or dorm desk with these novelty college school supplies.

Multi-Color Pens by Hieno Supplies

Heino pens college school suppliesScientific studies have shown that some people learn faster and remember more complex information when they use colors to differentiate details and highlight specific areas. If you are one of these people, then these multicolor pens from Hieno are for you. Each pen comes with six different colors. One click is all it takes to switch between colors, making it super easy to color code all of your documents. These smooth-writing, colorful pens are great not just for note-taking, but art work and organizational tasks, too.

Holographic Scratch Notes by Purple Ladybug Novelty

Purple Ladybug notes college school suppliesWhy use plain old paper when you can jazz up your reminders for important events and tasks with magic paper. Yes, you read that correctly, this paper is like something out of a fairy tale. It comes with two stylus pens so you can scratch a secret message to your roommate or just feel extra-glitzy when you’ve got to set a reminder for yourself. Silver not your jam? These Purple Ladybug Novelty Holographic Scratch notes are also available in rainbow colors. Both options come in a convenient desktop dispenser with a handy stylus holder.

Morris the Donkey Note Dispenser and Pen Holder by Monkey Business

Monkey Business pen holder college school suppliesWhen life is falling apart, your buddy Morris can help you hold it all together. This adorable tape dispenser is shaped like a donkey, and you know how stubborn they can be when it comes to holding onto stuff. Morris comes in three lovely colors – black, white and bright red. His mini-clip head makes it simple to hold onto all the important notes you have in a way that will get your attention. You won’t forget all those crucial appointments and deadlines when you clip them on to Morris the Donkey Note Dispenser.

Acrylic & Gold Stapler by OfficeGoods

OfficeGoods stapler college school suppliesAdd a touch of modern elegance to your dorm room with this transparent stapler. Made with crystal clear acrylic, you can see the gold-tinted interior of the stapler. You can staple with some style! It easily handles 15 pages at a time, so you can turn in your report nice and neat. Do you like silver more than gold? OfficeGoods has a silver option as well. In fact, they have a whole suite of transparent office supplies. Tape dispensers, pen holders, supply organizers, and more.

Scotch Elephant Tape Dispenser

Elephants are strong and renowned for their excellent memories. Let this cute little elephant help you keep track of all the important stuff when you use it as a tape dispenser. It is designed with a weighted base so it won’t go slip-sliding around when you are trying to pull out a bit of tape with one hand. The blade is high quality and will stay sharp for years. This tape Dispenser comes in cat, too, because sometimes even elephants need to feel fancy.

72 Mechanical Pencils by June Gold

June Gold mechanical pencils college school suppliesSometimes studying needs a splash of color. These mechanical pencils from June Gold comes in four vibrant shades. Not only do these pencils come pre-filled, they also include refills of both lead and erasers! In a huge pack of 72, you can keep several in your backpack, in your desk, in your pencil case, and have plenty left over. You’ll be prepared if a classmate ever asks you for an extra pencil. (And it will happen. A lot.)

Cat Paper Clips (78 Count) by Vantasii

If you love cats (and miss your cat back home) then you will absolutely adore these feline-shaped paper clips. With 78 in a tin, you’ll be able to use them for years to come. There’s a dog version, too. Perfect for animal lovers. They come in a variety of colors. Use them to pin papers together, as bookmarks, or just decorations!

Don’t let your school supplies be boring. Use these novelty supplies to add a little bit of you to jazz up your college experience.

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