6 Of The Best TVs For College Students

One college student eats popcorn while the other holds a remote while they watch TV.

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Most times, you may enjoy watching videos on your laptop or smartphone. But there are certain movies that can’t be watched on those tiny screens. Or maybe sometimes you want to bust some stress with a video game party after mid-terms or finals. For those times, you need a TV in your room. We’ve found six of the best TVs for college that are perfect for dorms or apartments.

32 Inch 1080p Smart LED TV by TCL

TCL Roku Smart LED TV displaying menu apps. Click to visit its Amazon page.The 32-inch Smart LED TV from TCL will take your next Netflix or gaming session to a whole new level. It features a 32-inch screen, 1080p LED technology and multiple inputs for HDMI, USB, and audio outputs. You’ll love watching everything, from your local news to Hulu shows and more with this mid-sized screen.

Want something bigger than a 32″? They also have 40″, 43″, and 49″ options. This TV boasts a crystal-clear picture and a fast refresh rate for the best viewing. Its smart functionality grants access to over 5,000 streaming channels, as well as providing the perfect screen for gaming and movies.

The Roku Smart LED TV is also compatible with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant. With these additional functionalities, you can easily pause your shows or movies while you grab a snack. The television comes with its own stand so you won’t have to worry about installing wall-mountings. Just clear some space on your desk and you’re good to go.


43 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV by Toshiba

Toshiba smart TVWant a 43-inch TV that does it all? Then check out this 4K Ultra HD Smart TV from Toshiba. It may be exactly what you’ve been looking for. This flat-screen LED TV features great picture quality for streaming the latest movies and video games.

With 4K Ultra HD picture quality, the screen displays everything in lifelike detail, with brilliant colors and rich contrast. This Toshiba TV is designed to work with Amazon’s Fire TV and Alexa services. Alexa provides the voice-remote convenience you’ve always wanted.

Search for your favorite shows, switch inputs, launch apps, and control devices just using your voice. No matter what you want to watch or what game you’d like to play, this TV will make the experience so much more pleasurable.

43 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV by Samsung

Samsung 4K TV displaying glacier scene. Click to visit its Amazon page.This TV features gorgeous, crystal-clear, razor-sharp 4K clarity and color on a massive 43-inch flat-screen. The large screen dimensions doesn’t mean you’ll end up with something that’s bulky and ugly. This Samsung Smart TV is sleek, stylish, and super-slim. The 4K picture quality means you’ll see even the smallest detail in full, brilliant color and rich detail. When watching major sporting events on this TV, it will feel like you’re right there as a part of the action.

The TV features One Remote control so you won’t have to juggle different devices to get everything running. It comes with its own sturdy stands so you can simply place it on your tabletop. Or you could even wall-mount it for those special movie nights with friends. Live large with this 43-inch wonder.

24 Inch 720p LED TV by LG

LG LED TV displaying misty bay. Click to visit its Amazon page.Sometimes there simply isn’t room for a giant screen, especially in a dorm. In that case, we’d like to present for your convenience this 24-inch screen from LG. The 720p picture quality more than makes up for the smaller size. No matter what you’re watching, this TV will make you think you are right there where the action is. Whether you’re watching a movie, a video game, or even a YouTube video, you’ll love that you can see every little detail on the screen.

You don’t want to miss out on a deal like this for the perfect smaller set when space is cramped, but you still want quality entertainment. This one is so thin and light you can take it with you anywhere.

32 inch 720p HDTV by Amazon Renewed

Vizio smart TVThis 32-inch HDTV is perfect for those who may be scarce on space, but heavy on style and quality. Completely renewed by Amazon, it looks and works like new. There are no tell-tale signs that it’s a renewed piece. It may be small, thin and light, but the HDTV features really pack a punch. Its greatest feature is its versatility. It even has a noise-reduction feature so there’s no annoying feedback or weird sounds coming in when you least expect (or want) them.

Sometimes dorm rooms are smaller than we anticipated. If you have a small dorm room, don’t hesitate on this deal. Whether you want it for movies, video games, or just some YouTube vids, you’ll love having this little set around. You could say it’s small but mighty. 

39 Inch 1080p Full HD LED Smart TV by Insignia

Insignia HD Smart TV and remote. Click to visit its Amazon page.This 39-inch TV features all the great Smart TV features and Alexa convenience you’ve come to love in televisions today. Its size is just right too—not too big for a dorm room or too small to be comfortable for viewing. The color and clarity on the screen simply can’t be beaten. No matter what you want to watch, this is the TV that delivers without cutting corners on quality.

This TV comes in a range of sizes, from 24″ all the way to 55″. The Insignia Full HD Smart LED TV also offers Amazon’s Fire TV and Alexa convenience. Have fun streaming and pausing your favorite shows and movies using only your voice. And keep the fun going with some friendly video game competition whenever you want. 

When you need a study break, watching some of your favorite shows is a great way to relax. Find a favorite among these best TVs for college students? Pop some popcorn, invite a few friends over, and have a movie night. 

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