6 of the Best Desks for College Students

A college student's dorm desk with computer, plant, phone, and writing utensils.

The best study sessions require the right tools and environment. Key in any student’s study toolkit is a good, solid desk. Every college student needs a good desk to study at and store their school supplies. We’ve rounded up six of the best desks for high school and college students. 

Industrial Style Folding Desk by Coavas

Brown writing desk by Coavas with lamp and computer on it. Click to visit its Amazon page.Whether you’re a die-hard minimalist or you’re limited for space, you’ll love this industrial-style folding desk by Coavas. It is sleek, modern, and simple to set up. All you have to do is snap the desktop onto the legs. The desk actually folds up, which means you can keep it out of the way until you need it. It won’t clutter or cramp up your space when not in use.

For a small desk, it can handle the weight of textbooks, a laptop, a small lamp, and more with ease. In fact, this desk can bear up to 200 pounds. It’s as easy to pack and store as it is to put together. You can use this desk almost anywhere, and take it along with you when the year ends. The table measures 39.4” x 19.7” x 29.5”. 

No-Tools Student Desk by Convenience Concepts

Modern blue student desk by Convenience Concepts. Click to visit its Amazon page.This modern, no-tools-needed student desk from Convenience Concepts is perfect for those who love an open design. Because this one is constructed without tools, you can put it together in very little time and with no trouble at all. The open shelf design gives it a sleek look while providing ample space for your computer, textbooks, notebooks, and stationery.

The desk is designed for comfort, style, storage, and ease. It comes in 9 different colors and finishes so you can pick one that matches your style and your dorm décor. The sleek tabletop and shelves are supported by stainless steel poles, which ensure the desk stays sturdy. This is another brilliant piece of furniture that is easy to pack away when the semester or school year ends. 

Retro Desk with Riser by Ameriwood

Two tier riser desk by Ameriwood. Click to visit its Amazon page.If you love minimal, sleek designs, then this retro-style desk with a riser from Ameriwood is exactly what you need. Constructed of weathered wood, it comes in four different finishes—espresso, grey oak, sugar pine, and walnut. The desk doesn’t take up much space and will fit in the smallest dorm room. It is simple to assemble and move.

This attractive study desk is the perfect piece of starter furniture for those who love all things modern and clean. The shelf is handy to keep your textbooks, notebooks, laptop or tablet, and everything else you need to be an academic success. The metal legs are designed in a hairpin style, which gives the table a fun retro look!

Modern Simple Style Desk by Tribesigns

Computer desk with thick metal legs by Tribesigns. Click to visit its Amazon page.This Simple Style Desk a sleek stunner for those who love modern design with pops of color or wood grain. There’s enough room for books, a laptop, and all your school supplies so you can stay well organized. When you sit down to study, everything you need is right there in front of you.

The Simple Style Desk by Tribesigns comes in a number of different color options. You can choose from all white, teak and white, walnut and black, white and gold, and more color combinations.

Sturdy furniture means you won’t have to worry about your desk falling in with your computer. This one is built to last long after your school days have ended. The legs have adjustable pads so it stays sturdy on any surface, no matter how uneven. The hex key that you need to assemble the table is included with your purchase. Now all you need is 15 minutes to set it up!

Computer Desk by Sauder

Asymmetrical wooden computer desk by Sauder. Click to visit its Amazon page. This uniquely designed computer desk from Sauder is packed with useful features. It has two shelves, a drawer for files or papers, and a slide-out shelf for your keyboard or mouse. The top shelf has enough space for a laptop, smaller tower-style desktop and other accessories like a clock or a plant. It even has a dedicated space for a vertical CPU tower—of course, if you don’t need that, you can store other things there, like textbooks. The spacious design is perfect for apartment-dwellers or high school students with larger rooms. 

The lightweight construction and simple design makes it quick and easy to put together. Everything you need to assemble it is provided. This Sauder Computer Desk is made from engineered wood. It has an attractive cherry finish, which gives it a sophisticated look. This is the type of furniture you’ll use long after your school days have ended. When assembled, it measures 39.61″ x W: 19.45″ x H: 34.02″. With its compact dimensions and sleek looks, this desk is perfect for an apartment or study room.

Large Writing Desk by Need

Long wooden desk by Need. Click to visit its Amazon page.This large writing desk, from the aptly-named Need, is the perfect low-profile workstation for any college student. With its versatile design, it can function as a desk, a table, or simply a large flat surface for work. This large writing desk is perfect for those who want a sleek design with minimal fuss.

The biggest problem you’ll have is choosing between the sleek all-black design or and warm wood grain. The wood is sturdy and mold-resistant, and the legs feature a powder coating to give them a smooth finish. No matter how you arrange your computer, books, lamps, or supplies, you’re sure to love using this desk for years. 

No matter what kind of desk you want, you’re sure to find your perfect fit from our selections. Hit those books with style.

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