6 Ideal Coasters For College Students

Cork pad with text: ideal coasters for college studentsAs a college student, your dorm is your workplace. It’s where you study, write assignments, send emails, browse Facebook, and binge Netflix too. Keeping yourself hydrated while you’re hard at work (or play) is important. But the condensation from that ice cold water, or drips from your coffee, can leave a permanent mark on your desk or side table. With these coasters, you can chug your favorite drink without worrying about condensation marks or sticky residues.

Stone Coasters with Cork Base by Teocera

Teocera stone coastersThis set of six in three Mandala design and colors will add a pop of color to your desk. Their ceramic surface with frosted glass makes them easy to wipe down after every use. And their cork base ensures that they grip the table firmly and don’t slip or slide away. With a generous 4 inch diameter, they’re are sufficient for even your widest cups and mugs.

Vinyl Record Coasters by DuoMuo

DuoMuo vinyl record coastersAre you a fan of the vintage vinyl players? If you are, you’ll love these coasters by DuoMuo. The set of 6 silicone pads are sure to be a great conversation starter for anyone who visits your room. They have a rubber base that prevents them from slipping and also protects the table top from getting scratched. These are the perfect addition to your retro vibe dorm room.

Desert Sand Coasters by Thirstystone

Thirstystone coastersSimple and earthy, these one-of-a-kind coasters add a rustic look to your room. If you like the all-natural look, you’ll love this set from Thirstystone. Each coaster is made from natural sandstone so no two have the exact same pattern. With their 4.1 inch diameter they won’t take up much space on your already book-filled tabletop.

Game of Thrones: House Sigil Coaster Set by Dark Horse Deluxe

Dark Horse Game of Thrones coastersAre you one of the millions of Game of Thrones fans? Which great house do you pledge fealty to? Show off your loyalty with this Dark Horse’s set of licensed Game of Thrones coasters. The 4 cork coasters have the symbols of the Targaryen, Stark, Baratheon and Lannister houses, along with their respective mottos. GOT may be over, but your love for the show and books can be as undying as a White Walker. 

Rainbow Colors Coaster Set by ENKORE

ENKORE rainbow coastersThis set 6 brightly colored pads will add a punch of color to your room. Made of silicone, ENKORE’s coasters are flexible and durable. And hey, if vibrant colors aren’t for you, you could always opt for one of their solid black set. These coasters will grip your table, your glass, are easy to wash, and will last you forever.

DIY Cactus Coaster Set by Sirensky

Sirensky cactus coastersThis DIY Cactus Coaster Set by from Sirensky is as unique as it is creative. Be prepared for your friends to ask you why you have a strange cactus in the corner. The set comes with 6 coasters and a flower pot base. The disks are notched so they can interlock with each other to create various shapes. The flower pot is designed to hold your creations while doubling up as a piece of modern art. The coasters vary in size from 3 inches to 3.8 allowing different sized mugs and all sorts of combinations when you put them together for storage.

Don’t let your drinks ruin your dorm room desk. Get one of these coaster sets and stop worrying about water marks and sticky residues.

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