4 Colleges with Hopping-Good Easter Traditions

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Celebrating Easter on campus is a time to reflect, relax, and enjoy the community. It’s also an opportunity to have a little fun participating in unique and fun parties and events tailored to students. We found five of our favorite colleges have hopping good Easter traditions to get you in the egg-dyeing spirit!

Golden Egg Easter Hunt, University of Texas

If you were hunting for an awesome prize, what would it be? Chocolate? Jelly beans? Cash? How about FREE textbooks for an entire semester? That’s how the University of Texas does it. For over four years now, the University Co-Op has hidden eggs around campus for a fun and competitive egg hunt anyone can participate in. Like you would expect, the eggs are filled with traditional prizes. But one elusive golden egg awards the winner the huge, money-saving reward. With the price of one textbook practically bankrupting us, count us in on this tradition.

Early Morning Egg Hunt, Cedarville University

Getting up for a 7 AM lecture seems like torture, but we could be down with an early morning egg hunt! Every year, Cedarville alumni and administration set out nearly 4,000 Easter eggs around campus starting at around 4:30 in the morning. By 7:00, the hunt is on. Here’s the catch—no one knows on what day it is being held! This builds excitement among the students (along with a lot of opportunities to plan egg-finding strategies). This year’s prizes include hammocks, PS4, and an Apple Watch.

Easter Dinner, University at Mount Olive

Easter can be a tricky holiday for students. Because most universities do not line up their break schedule with Easter, getting enough time off to go home and be with family is nearly impossible unless you only have a short commute. That’s why we love how the University at Mount Olive brings a bit of home to their students. Each Easter, the community gathers to the table to celebrate a special meal. To make it even more exciting, staff and professors serve and prepare.

Egg Decorating Contest, Webster University

Like most community-centered schools, Webster University goes all out for the kids on Easter. But what about the students? Student workers and staff come together to decorate one spectacular Easter egg to represent their department. The children visiting the Easter bunny on campus then vote on the winner. It’s a great way to flex some creativity.

Want to start your own college Easter traditions? You can find a whole bunch of fun and easy-to-plan ideas here. Future students may be participating in your event hundreds of years from now.

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