5 Things Seniors Can Do This Summer to Prep For College

Congratulations on graduating high school! Though you should definitely take some time for yourself this summer, you don’t want to put off college prep too long. There are a few things you’ll need to do to ensure your first semester starts without a hitch and is less stressful overall. Here are 5 things seniors can do this summer to prep for college.

Two high school seniors reading outside during summer to prep for college.

#1: Research What to Expect

You probably did quite a bit of research into the college when you were applying, but now is the time to do a little more. You’ll want to note important dates like the first day of classes, move-in day for freshmen, club meetings you may be interested in, and more. You should also be looking into the teachers you’ll have, the coursework that will be expected in your classes, and places you’ll want to visit around town during your free time.

It’s a good idea to follow your college on social media, too, if you aren’t already. This will help you stay up to date with all the important information and any changes at the school.

#2: Sign Up for (and Attend) Orientation

Almost every college and university has an orientation for incoming freshmen. Signing up (and attending) is essential – in most cases, mandatory. Signing up as soon as dates become available and choosing early ones gives you a few advantages, too. First, you can find the best day or weekend that works for you and your summer schedule. Second, you’ll be one of the first groups to choose your classes and dorm rooms. You don’t want to miss out on your target dorm hall or classes because you went to one of the last orientation dates!

#3: Create a Packing List

Did you know that many college freshmen overpack their first semester? It’s essential to give thought to how much space you’ll have in your dorm room and pack appropriately. That doesn’t mean under-pack either.

Start with the necessities. What do you absolutely have to have during your college experience? This includes things like your sheets, blanket, computer, and toothbrush. Then work from there onto your must-haves and wants.

#4: Get your Supplies

Don’t put off school shopping for the last minute. Searching for your textbooks as soon as possible might help you find great deals online. You should also be getting the basics like notebooks, pens, pencils, and backpack. You don’t want to put this off and forget to purchase some things (the on-campus bookstore can be expensive!).

#5: Stay Engaged

Yes – you need to take some time off for yourself during the summer. However, that doesn’t mean you should completely unplug yourself from your education. Take this time to stay engaged intellectually somehow. This may mean taking an online class, studying a language on Duolingo, or just setting a goal to read every day before bed. Set a goal for yourself to finish before summer ends and college begins.

5 Things Seniors Can Do This Summer to Prep For College

You’re almost there! You’ve done all the hard work of getting into college and you deserve a little relaxation this summer. Just don’t forget these 5 steps as you’re heading to the beach. You’ll thank yourself once you head to campus!

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