5 Picture Frames For Your Dorm

Starting college is an exciting and fun chapter in your life but of it’s your first time away from home. You’ll miss your friends, family and your home town. This is where interesting and unique picture frames can help bridge the gap between homesickness and happiness.

Umbra Hangit Photo Display

Umbra Hangit Photo picture framesThis fun photo display option is as cute and simple as it is genius. You’ll wonder why you didn’t think of this sooner. Whether you print them on a photo printer or you pick up one of those retro-fab, old-school Instamatic cameras, you can have all your favorite memories right on your wall with this creative and functional photo display.  

Umbra Luna Collage Wall Frame

Umbra Luna 9 Opening picture framesIf you want your special memories to take center stage and you have a more refined sense of style, then this round wall frame collage is the perfect addition to your dorm room décor. Made of wood and set up to show off at least 9 of your favorite pictures, this understated frame is a gorgeous addition to your dorm room. You’ll cherish the Umbra Luna Collage Wall Frame long after you’ve graduated.

Love-KANEKI Wood Photo Frame with Clips

Love KANKEI wood picture framesThis fun and funky frame can be used to display lots of photo arranged in different ways. Whether you go with the traditional “clothesline” arrangement or you want them stacked in more of a “fishing-line” design, you’ll love the fact that you can keep changing the arrangement. The Love-KANEKI Wood frame with matching clips can hold pictures and inspirational quotes, and even help keep track of homework. Easy to put together and install.

Wind & Sea Magnetic Collage Picture Frame (Set of 2)

Wind & Sea magnetic picture framesThis magnetic picture frame set from Wind & Sea can stick onto any metal surface so you can keep your favorite pictures and precious memories in your dorm, on your desk, near a locker, or any other metal surface that may be in your room. Because the plastic liners have different size options, you can switch out your photos to match the seasons or match your décor. Wind & Sea makes it easy and totally up to you to decide how you want to display your favorite photographs.

HANTAJANSS Picture Frame with Clips

HANTAJANSS clip picture framesIf you love country-style décor and a sense of whimsy, then this wood-backed picture frame with clips is perfect for you in your dorm room. The clips make it easy to arrange photos, notes, or inspirational quotes, so you can make this frame a truly unique work of art, no matter how or what you end up choosing to display in the picture frame! 

Everyone loves making memories when they go off to college. Go ahead and show off those good times with one of these great frames.

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