5 Phone Stands For College Students

Phone on table with text: phone stands for college studentsEver wondered how you’d manage without your cell phone? Cell phones are a must-have device for everybody these days. And as a college student, you’ll be glad you have one with you especially on those days when you are feeling homesick and want to hear the familiar voices of family and friends from back home. Of course, a cell phone is not just for phone calls anymore. They can be used for almost everything, from shopping online to paying your bills. Here are five phone stands to help use your phone to its maximum potential.

Lamicall Cell Phone Stand Dock

Lamicall phone standsSleek, modern, and practical. This Lamicall dock stand keeps your cord neatly out of the way while you charge or use your phone. Compatible with both Android and iOS phones, this dock stand offers the perfect hands-free viewing angle. If you read messages, view videos, or read instructions, this stand has you covered. They come in five metallic colors. Choose from black, grey, red, silver, rose gold. 

UGREEN Cell Phone Holder

UGREEN phone standsPortable, lightweight, easily adjustable, the UGREEN Cell Phone Holder is ideal. It’s available in two matte colors—black and white. This foldable phone stand acts as an extra set of hands when you need to do other things. When folded it is compact enough to keep in a backpack or purse. It works for any smartphone or device you can think of. Silicone pads on the bottom keep it from slipping and also protects whatever surface you have it on. 

Saiji Gooseneck Cell Phone Stand

Saiji gooseneck phone standYour phone will look like a piece of modern art with this adjustable and durable clip-stand. You’re sure to appreciate 360-degree rotation, durability, and hands-free convenience with this handy gooseneck stand. The Saiji Gooseneck Cell Phone Stand is available in two colors—black and white. Clip it to your desk, nightstand, bedside, or anything else for easy access. 

Plinrise Animal Desk Phone Stand

Plinrise animal phone standThis cute little phone stand is available in a rainbow of colors that will instantly brighten up your dorm décor. Choose from vibrant colors like bluish-purple, dark green, or rose pink, among many others. The dino’s happy little grin will bring a smile to your face. Made from high-grade silica gel, the Plinrise Animal Phone Stand is tough, durable, and fun to use. There’s even a longer necked version! Not a fan of dinos? Plinrise also has phone stands of dogs, doves, cats, elephants, and more.

Humixx Ring Stand

Humixx phone standsThe Humizz Ring stand has a sleek, sturdy design that will hold your phone firmly and prevent it from accidentally slipping away while charging. It can be used to charge any cell phone and works well with magnetic phone holders found in vehicles. Made from high-quality zinc alloy and stainless steel, the Humixx Ring Stand comes in three colors – silver, black, and rose gold.

Phones are indispensable for modern communication. Make sure you can keep yours charged and ready for any emergency.

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