5 Fantastic College Dorm Room Fans

Studying is that much harder if the room is hot or muggy. It’s much easier to keep cool if you are cool. Whether or not your dorm room has air conditioning, having a fan is a great way to better control the temperature. Here are 5 fantastic dorm room fans.

Holmes Oscillating Table Fan

Black Holmes oscillating able mini fan. Click to view its Amazon page.This little 8-inch fan oscillates for wide-area cooling and has two speeds so whether you need a little cooling or a lot. The front grill is removable for easy cleaning and the oscillation feature means your roommate will be able to cool down too. Perfect for smaller rooms or cramped spaces. You can’t go wrong with this little fan from Holmes.

Lasko Wind Curve Tower Fan

Black Lasko wind curve tower fan. Click to view its Amazon page.Is it a fan, or is it a work of art? This fan not only looks cool, but helps keep you cool with wide-area oscillation, 3 speed settings, a timer, and an air filter that keeps the air cleaner too. No matter what style you choose—woodgrain and black, silver, silver with wood, or woodgrain—you’re sure to garner envious glances not only for the cool air, but its sleek good looks as well.

Genesis Clip-On Fan

White Genesis table-top fan with desk clip. Click to view its Amazon page.If you tend to get too warm but your roommate is freezing, or if you just need a little “white noise” when you study, this little clip-on fan is perfect for you. It offers 2 speeds and comes in three colors. All you need to do is clip it to the corner of a desk, a bedpost, or an edge and you can keep cool and comfy without chilling the rest of the room.

Vornado Personal Air Fan

Bliss Blue Vornado personal air circulator fan. Click to view its Amazon page.This compact little fan is perfect for a desk or shelf. It comes with 2 speeds and a manual swivel base. The Vornado Personal Air Fan has flip capabilities to hide the clips and cord. No matter where you put it, it will keep you cool while enhancing the room with its retro-fabulous good looks. It comes in 5 great colors—black, bliss blue, coral blush, midnight blue, and vintage white.

O2 Cool Portable Fan

Black O2Cool portable desktop battery fan. Click to view its Amazon page.There’s a lot to love about the O2 Cool portable fan. It’s small, portable, and has the option to be battery-operated, which is great during summertime power failures, or using it in areas where the cord may not reach. You can even take this one outside if you need to. It has a built-in handle for easy carrying and it’s so flat that it packs away with no problem. It can even be used in a window for added air circulation.

Keep your cool in the dorms with one of these fantastic fans.

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