Is It A Good Idea To Live At Home As A College Student?

Living at home as a college student has its pros and cons.

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The college you’ve finally decided to attend is close to home and immediately, you’re faced with another decision—should you stay at home as a college student, or should you live in the dorm or apartment?

The first factor that comes to mind is, of course, money. The thought of being able to save a substantial amount is one of the main reasons why students studying in a college close to home choose to live at home. While this is a compelling enough reason, there are a few things that you must consider in making this decision.

Traveling Time

How far away is the college? You don’t want to spend a major part of the day traveling to and from college. This is time that could be put to better use doing your homework, completing assignments, studying for the upcoming test or even just socializing.

If the college is a reasonable distance away, it would help to stay at home. However, if it is taking up too much of your time, you must weigh your options of time saved vs. money saved. It may be worth it to bear the extra expense of living in a dormitory just so you have extra time to get your schoolwork done.

Social Life

Ask any college student who lives at home. They will attest to the fact that your social life will suffer big time if you commute from home. Socializing is a big part of college life and most of it happens after school hours and on weekends. That’s the time you will be back home and you will miss it all. It may not make that much of a difference if you are studying at a technical or community college as most students in these colleges live at home. With traditional campuses, however, whether you live at home or in the dorm will have a huge impact on your social life.

Place To Study

If living on campus is better for your social life, living at home is better for your academic success. At home, you don’t have to look for a quiet place when you want to study or you just want some privacy. In a residence hall, on the other hand, you have to forget about notions of privacy and quiet time. It can be a little more difficult to find a place to focus and study.


One of the biggest transitions in moving away from home and living on campus is it makes you more independent and responsible in all respects. You learn to manage your time and your money. You also have to manage your groceries, home cleanliness, and laundry, among other everyday responsibilities. Those were probably taken for granted at home. The earlier you leave home, the earlier you will learn to live an independent, responsible lifestyle.

So is it a good idea to live at home as a college student? There is no one answer that is applicable to everyone. The right choice depends on your unique set of circumstances and your personal preferences.

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