Why You Should Consider Attending One Of The Hidden Ivies

If you’ve started researching colleges to apply to, you’re sure to have heard about Ivy League colleges. There are 8 Ivy League colleges in the US—Harvard, Columbia, Yale, Princeton, Dartmouth, Brown, Cornell, and Pennsylvania. These 8 Ivy League schools are well renowned the world over for their incredibly high standards.

However, these are not the only colleges that maintain high standards. There are several other schools on par with the ‘Big 8’ but aren’t considered part of the Ivy League. These schools are called the Hidden Ivies.

Ivy on the red brick wall of a college building.

Why ‘Hidden Ivies’?

The term likely came about from a book by the same name. The book regularly publishes a list of colleges that are on par with the Ivy League college. The comparisons to the Ivy League schools are made in terms of academics, athletics, and career opportunities. All of the colleges that are featured on their list uphold the same high standards as the Big 8 schools. Some universities that have featured as a Hidden Ivy include Georgetown, Stanford, Duke, Amherst, and Northwestern. However, there are many others.

The Hidden Ivies publication has done much to raise awareness about these smaller but outstanding higher education institutions. It also helps students make informed comparisons.

How You May Benefit From Attending a Hidden Ivy College

According to the authors, the colleges on their list may not have the official ‘Ivy League’ title. However, that doesn’t make them any less stellar. All of the colleges listed as Hidden Ivies offer exceptional curriculums, impressive facilities, and also outstanding faculty. Graduating from any of these schools can open the doors to extraordinary career opportunities with higher starting salaries.

However, and this is important, a Hidden Ivy may not be the right choice for everyone. Attending any of these schools only because of its high ranking or prestigious reputation can be an expensive mistake. Remember: personal college fit is more important than a college’s reputation

What to Consider Before Applying to a Hidden Ivy College

Before you consider applying to a Hidden Ivy college, take time to first think about these other factors:

  • Does the school offer programs related to your career path?
  • What are the eligibility criteria for attending the program of your choice?
  • Can you afford the tuition fees?
  • What type of financial aid does the school offer? 
  • Where is the campus located? Is that your preferred campus location?
  • Does the school offer you opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities of your choice? 

In short, is the school the right fit for you? Regardless of whether a school is an Ivy League or one of the Hidden Ivies, it’s only worth attending if it actually is the right fit for you.

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