Understanding the Safety and Rankings Tab on College Raptor

Safety Tab

safety and rankings tab

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All school pages on College Raptor have a safety tab. It has information regarding on- and off-campus reports of arrests and criminal offenses. As unfortunate as these crimes are, we feel it is important to share the data with our users. We want you to have a well-rounded understanding of what the campus culture and surrounding community may be like. As always, we provide you with the most recently available data.

Rankings Tab

The rankings tab for a school can have a lot of information. Near the top, you will see the overall rankings. This can include how the school ranks within the state, and within the overall region (West Coast, South, etc). You can click on any of the graphs included to go to that specific ranking page. Then, check out the other schools that ranked along with the one you are looking at.

Academic and admissions rankings are next. These sections pertain to faculty salary, graduation rates, amount of faculty who are full-time, acceptance rates, selectivity index, and the estimated median SAT, to name a few. The financial health section focuses on the size of the endowment and the amount of endowment per student at that institution.

Outcomes rankings refer to the student loan default rate of students within three years of graduating. The diversity rankings after this provide a big picture of whether or not the school has students from around the country and across the world.
We also rank the schools according to their student retention rate, which indicates the percentage of students who remain at the college or university after their first year there. Lastly, we have sports rankings. These are broken down by the gender of athletes, revenue, and how profitable the sports are.

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