Understanding a School’s Profile on College Raptor: Majors Tab

Check out our majors tab!

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Figuring out what you want to major in can be a different process for everyone. For some people, they know exactly what they want to study, make a plan, and stick to it. For others, they might have an idea that ends up changing. And in some cases, you may have no idea until you take some general education courses. Included on a school’s College Raptor profile is the majors tab. It includes all of the different majors you can study at that school.

In the majors tab, you can sort the majors by the associated degree type. This could be an Associate degree, a Bachelor of Arts or Science, Master’s degrees, doctorates, and more. Another sorting option is by the major itself. This could be by the total number of students that graduated with this degree, or by the total number or percentage of students of a certain gender. These are all based on the most recently available data of that year’s graduating class.

If you’re interested in a major the school offers, you can click on it to learn more about it and see other schools that offer that major. You can also click the star icon next to that major to save it to your list of favorite majors.

Be sure to check out our college match tool, and specify if there are any majors you are interested in. You will then see the best colleges for you academically and financially.

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