Pros and Cons of Large Colleges

You may be leaning towards wanting to attend a large college versus a small college or vice versa. It helps to know the pros and cons of each! Here are some of the benefits and less beneficial aspects of attending large colleges.


Pro: More extracurricular opportunities

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Larger colleges tend to have a lot more options when it comes to extracurricular activities than smaller schools. This includes cultural, sports, government, student organizations, interests, and more. No matter your passion, there is likely a group or club that promotes it at a larger school.

This wide range of options also allows you to explore more. If you previously didn’t have a passion for the outdoors, for example, but want to see if it’s for you, you can easily find an outdoors club at a larger school. This could include sports, but it may also be a travel group that goes hiking, skiing, rock climbing, and more.

Con: Lost in the crowd

Larger schools and campuses tend to have more students, meaning you could easily be lost in the crowd. Lecture classes, for example, could have up to 300 students! Even with 100 or 50, it’s hard to stand out to a professor and make an impression. You could lose out on some beneficial relationships with your teachers. A high number of attending students could also make it difficult to obtain leadership positions you want, whether in clubs or in school government.

If you come from a small town, a large school can also be intimidating to you. So many people can become overwhelming until you find your niche and friends.

Pro: More career resources

 With larger schools come more resources. This includes networking connections as well as career opportunities. More alumni mean your network could branch out further, and even your peers will have large professional networks when you graduate. This could help you further your career.

These colleges also usually have plenty of career resources for seniors so you can find a job right after graduation.

Con: Long walks

 While this may not seem like such a bad thing, it’s definitely something to take into consideration. Large schools usually have large campuses. Walking from class to the library to another class to the dining hall and back to your dorm can add up a lot of miles. Some campuses may even almost require a car they’re so large!

It’s important to plan ahead and schedule out your day if you attend a school with a big campus. It’ll help ensure you make the most of your day while also making it to your classes on time.

These are only some of the pros and cons when it comes to attending a large college. However, before you make a decision on whether to attend one or not, it’s important to understand why you want to attend a large college. What makes it appealing over a smaller school? Or vice versa—why would you prefer to attend a smaller school? This can help you weed out colleges during your search for next year!

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