Pros and Cons of Individual College Campus Tours

Individual college campus tours tend to be more intimate than group tours. These tours typically consist of the prospective student, any family members or friends they include on the visit, and the institution’s tour guide. As with any kind of campus tour, there are pros and cons to individual tours.

Pros of Individual Campus Tours

Being that the group touring will consist of the guide and people you know, you may feel more comfortable asking questions about the college or university. You may also have the option to schedule a time to sit in on a class, meet with a professor, or even hang out in a campus residence hall with current students. There will also be more flexibility for what buildings you want to see on campus since you’re the only prospective student in the group.

Cons of Individual Campus Tours

In an individual tour, you likely will not have the chance to meet other prospective students. Even if you don’t end up at the same school, it’s always nice to meet new people. You may not get to eat in a dining hall on campus. This isn’t necessarily critical but can give you an idea of the food you would have access to every day. You may not get to see the entire campus, and you may not think of questions that other students may have thought of and asked in a group tour.

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