How to Talk to Alumni About the Colleges You’re Interested In

When you are researching colleges, it is a good idea to make a note of the alumni of that particular college. The alumni of any school will tell you things that you won’t learn from any website. Here are some tips on how you can connect with alumni from the schools you may be interested in.

Use Social Networking

Connect with alumni through social media! Check out the alumni section of your prospective schools’ website/media and see who some of the more recent alumni are. Many colleges and universities have Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, and even Instagram and Tumblr pages where current students and alumni may choose to interact and share information with others

Talk with More Recent Graduates

Many veteran alumni may have social media accounts. However, their information may be a little outdated as schools change a lot over the years. Getting in touch with a more recent graduate may be a better idea as they will be able to give you the latest information.

Some questions you might want to consider asking alumni are some of their favorite campus memories, what they think of certain classes or the cafeteria’s food, and who some of their favorite professors may have been when they attended school.

Friendly Messages

People are very aware and suspicious of internet scams, especially via social media. Send multiple messages to several alumni, but don’t be disheartened if you only hear back from a few. The best approach is a friendly, casual one. Don’t make anyone feel under any pressure to respond.

Alumni Interview

Some schools may grant prospective students an interview opportunity with alumni. Seize this chance when or if you get it. Remember to keep the conversation polite yet casual and keep things campus-focused.

Alumni can be a fount of insider information about your prospective college. Getting in touch with them to find out more about your chosen school will help you make the most of your next four years.

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