College Prep Events You Should Attend During High School

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Most colleges and universities organize a series of events that are open to all students who are considering applying to one of their programs. If you are a driven student who wants to prepare well, then you should definitely attend some of these events. You don’t even have to wait till high school to attend. These events are usually open to the public and you can attend no matter what grade you’re in.

College Fairs

Often referred to as a College Fairs or College Days, these events are open to all high school juniors and seniors and their parents. Sometimes several colleges will have their representatives on one campus, showcasing their programs, campus facilities, Greek life activities, student organizations, and other benefits they have to offer incoming freshmen and transfer students.

Some high schools may turn this into a daytime field trip (if the college is nearby), allowing students to visit the campus book store, enjoy a meal in the campus student center or cafeteria, and tour the campus if possible.

FAFSA Fill-Outs and Financial Aid Night

Many college campuses work with local high schools to assist students with learning about financial aid opportunities and/or filling out their FAFSA online. FAFSA Fill-Out events include important information for students and their parents.

College Visitation Opportunities

Many college campuses welcome the opportunity to allow prospective students to visit, tour, and explore their campuses. These types of visits are often best scheduled beforehand, but some colleges welcome prospective students during particularly festive events, such as Homecomings, special sporting activities, or parent weekends.

If you already know someone on-campus as a student, you could even get an insider’s view of what might be expected or what you may experience should you choose to attend that particular school.

TRIO Upward Bound

The TRIO Upward Bound program is not strictly a college event. It is organized by the federal government but is worth mentioning.

If you live in a rural or economically disadvantaged area or you are a first generation college student, you should look into the TRIO Upward Bound program. This is a federally funded program that aims to provide prospective college students with opportunities to get into colleges, work internships, assist at summer programs, and participate in other worthwhile activities.

As a member of TRIO Upward Bound, you will get an opportunity to spend time in a dorm room with your peers, work a small job on-campus, and go home on weekends, just like you’re a “real” college student. You will also get access to FAFSA assistance, ACT/SAT prep and ample scholarship opportunities as a TRIO Upward Bound member.

Statistics have shown that students who join TRIO Upward Bound are not only better prepared for college, but they also complete their degree programs and earn more money. Ask your guidance counselor about joining this rewarding and highly effective program.

While you are in high school or even before that, you must attend all upcoming college activities that you can. You’ll be amazed by what you learn at these events.

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