College Raptor has a New Menu Layout!

We changed our menu layoutOur website recently underwent some structural changes in order to make navigation easier for all you users! Here is a quick update of what got changed, our new menu layout, and what helpful tools and articles you’ll find in each category.

Find Colleges

Find colleges is one of our menu layout changes. Anything and everything relating to the college search process can be found here. From our useful College Search tool that can match you to colleges, to our Majors database, to College Rankings, to our plethora of helpful Articles, it’s a great resource to explore!

Getting In

Here you’ll find tools and advice relating to actually applying and getting into colleges. Find (and organize) the schools you chose or matched under My Colleges. And if you want to find great ACT/SAT advice, college application tips, or have any questions about admissions, check out the Articles we have for you!

Paying for College

We housed all of our financial tips, tools, and resources here. From scholarships to student loans. Check out our brand new Student Loan Finder to discover individualized loan options that work best for you. If you already have loans, we also have a handy Refinance resource to check out. And if you’re just getting started, we have a bunch of Articles about scholarships, student loans, financial aid, and much more.

Explore Careers

Last, but certainly not least, is our tab dedicated to life after college—and how to get there! Here you can once again explore our Majors database. Keep an eye out for our upcoming Careers database. It will have all sorts of useful data if you’re looking for the perfect job. In the meantime, however, you can read up on anything from career paths, to internships, to resume-building in our Articles section.

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